Candidate: Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Emploi?

Emploi is an interactive job board site that searches your specified keywords with millions of jobs from all over the web. Instead of going to multiple job board sites, Emploi searches all job sites and the results are shown on Emploi. Emploi makes job searching simpler and communications with your future employer easy.

How do I save a job?

To save a job to your list, go to the job’s profile and click on the bookmark button. You can go to your profile and click on the “Bookmarked Jobs” tab to view all of you saved jobs.

How do I add a Resume?

Go to your profile and click on “Manage Resumes”. There you can create or delete resumes. You can view the date added, set privacy settings on your resumes, and edit your resume.

Is there a way to contact employers?

Yes, there is a private messaging system ingrained in our website so you are able to communicate with your hiring manager. Go to your profile and click on “Messages” tab. There, you can manage messages, view incoming messages, and create messages from employers.

How do I add a profile photo or a cover photo?

Go to your profile and click on “My Profile” tab. Once there, you can change your profile settings, write an introduction paragraph about yourself, add social media links, and add a profile or a cover photo.

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